Active, Engaging, Effective Learning

FogStone Isle engages late elementary through middle school students in creatively crafting their own island, with math intrinsic to all activities.

The program constantly adapts to each students’ level, adjusting the difficulty of the problems and the concept being learned as they progress through the game.

Our team of teachers, neuroscientists, and game designers build on research-supported approaches, working to teach current curriculum while also preparing kids for future learning, illustrating the conceptual progressions that tie mathematical topics together.

Below, learn more about a few of our activities, with examples of the underlying conceptual learning supported.

Throughout the many games and activities on FogStone Isle, visuals and tools are used both to reinforce conceptual understanding and to relate new concepts to earlier learning – gradually building up the student’s intuitive understanding of mathematical structure. Constant, detailed adaptation to each student keeps them interested and challenged.

For more information on some of the underlying science behind our approach, and how that factors into our games, see:


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