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FogStone Isle is a fun, engaging way for 4th through 8th grade students to deeply learn mathematical concepts in a virtual world game they’ll love.

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FogStone Isle focuses on 4th through 8th grade math topics that students struggle with the most, in a game environment that makes learning active, extremely engaging, and fun.

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The Science Of Learning

Cignition has transformed how students experience math, shifting from anxiety causing procedural worksheets into real-world scenarios, where math is intrinsic to activities students are deeply interested in. Cignition’s FogStone Isle was born out of years of research with neuroscientists, a panel of master math educators, and game-development experts, creating a learning environment that transforms the way students view and learn math.

The games within FogStone Isle optimize specific learning goals while reinforcing learning and improving recall. Through careful control of working memory load and design elements that stimulate different brain systems during information acquisition, we build stronger neural networks of integrated information that center around each concept. Key neuroscientific learning principles embedded throughout FogStone:

  1. Encoding through multiple pathways
  2. Integration of encoded information
  3. Strengthening neural connections
  4. Preparing the brain for further mathematical learning
Detailed Video on Cignition’s Science of Learning:

Math anxiety is common. One amplifier of that anxiety is the tendency of people to believe that mathematical ability is inborn, rather than something to be mastered with focused effort. Students often aren’t engaged with math beyond the procedural exercises provided by worksheets and textbooks. FogStone Isle enables every student to gain confidence and conceptual understanding in an environment in which they are truly invested and engaged, and that continuously challenges them at a level that demands effort and exploration, but ultimately enables success and understanding.

Parent attitude has been shown to be very important in the development of their children’s attitudes about math. Cignition provides parents a means to participate in mathematical activities with their kids, no matter what their own knowledge and abilities are, as well as allowing them to see their children work hard to figure things out and overcome barriers.

Edsurge article – There’s No Such Thing As Being Bad at Math: How Neuroscience Is Changing the Equation:

Deep integration of the neuroscience and pedagogy into the game-play design creates a highly personalized environment, continuously adapted for each student in order to maximize their engagement and learning potential. Every math topic (e.g., fraction addition) is broken into the full sequence of conceptual leaps required to master the topic. Students automatically move to the next conceptual leap when they prove ready. Within a conceptual level, the game adapts as students improve their procedural fluency. Once at a new concept level, students will continue to work on problems in the previous levels as they master the new level.

The games within our virtual world use a variety of interactive visual illustrations and virtual manipulatives to demonstrate abstract math concepts that would otherwise be difficult to describe or imagine. As one example, while students create buildings in their virtual world, a sketchpad tool is used to help students understand how common denominators can be used to make fraction addition easier.

Learn more about our unique focus on conceptual understanding.

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Awards, Reviews & Partnerships

I liked using FogStone Isle as part of my math curriculum because students were so engaged and they really had a better understanding conceptually of adding, multiplying and dividing with fractions after consistent usage. I have worked for 11 years in 6th grade in Title I schools. By using Fog Stone Isle consistently, I noticed all ability ranges thrived in our fractions unit. This was a first for me!

Theresa O, Kathryn Smith Elementary School

We were very impressed with FogStone Isle last year, and the middle school teachers have been very excited about the fraction learning this year’s fifth graders have brought to their class.

Erica Foster, The Wellington School

I just changed what I’m teaching tomorrow!

Bernadette Marcias, Carolyn Clark Elementary School

As a Tech TOSA, I have worked with teachers to use Fog Stone Isle with their students. Many have used this as a support to their fraction instruction. Students are happy to use Fog Stone Isle for their homework practice. Teachers report that student conceptual learning of fraction operations is deeper because of the models they use while playing Fog Stone Isle.

Kristi F., Evergreen School District

I have some kids STUCK in a fixed mindset about math and I NEED to work with them on comparing and ordering fractions.  My kids who were ready to move on have been happily building houses and chimneys and loving math.  A student built himself a factory, so I’m guessing he’s playing with ratios as well.  It’s really such a good tool.

Erica Foster, The Wellington School

The multiplication game is especially fun because of the random suspense factor and the cuteness of the weeds.

Kathleen Jalalpour, Keys School

I tried it with my own child and her response was, “Why haven’t you made me do this sooner? It’s awesome!”

B. Lucio, Math Coordinator, Hays CISD